sábado, 25 de junio de 2011

Muerte de Carlitos Gardel...

El 24 de Junio de 1935 fue el dia en que Carlitos Gardel, el Zorzal Criollo, perdió la vida en un accidente aéreo en Colombia. Pero hasta hoy su mito esta presente junto a sus inolvidables tangos: Mi Buenos Aires querido, Volver, Por una cabeza, Cuesta Abajo, Soledad...

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

First aerial bombardment of a city in the Americas: June 16 1955

On June 16, at noon of autumn 1955, aircrafts from the Marine Aviation and Aeronautics, making his baptism of fire, flew over downtown Buenos Aires and downloaded tons of ordnance on civilians. The bombing left 372 dead, numbers never confirmed, as in Guernica, hiding the effects of the slaughter, and over 2,000 wounded, including almost a hundred crippled for the rest of his life.
This killing was crucial in the development of a fear of reprisal that the Argentine Armed Forces had during decades. That's why, beginning after the successful cup d'état of September 1955, the Armed Forces, specially the Navy, decided that anything close to a Peronist take over was something to avoid at any cost; from 1955 to the nineties, there were countless military intervention. In most of them, the Navy played an extreme anti-peronist roll.
It's necessary to remember that Almirante Massera, one of the most cruel and corrupt member of the Junta that took power in 1976, was in 1955, one of the assistant to the head (Olivieri) of the criminal bombardment of June 16. The defeat in the Falkland War (1982) was key in the beginning of the end of the military as a political sword that approve who has the right to govern in Argentina.